Police must do more to stem counterfeit & illicit trade

Local industries, particularly those in the manufacturing and import sectors, have been reeling under an unjustifiable influx of counterfeit and illicit trade that is growing at a surprising phenomenal rate and thereby poses a clear and present danger to the economy.

It is against this backdrop that many industry watchers and players have lauded the recent capacity-building training programmeorganised by Sollatex Ghana Limited, dealers in consumer electronic goods, for officers and men of the Criminal Investigations Department (CID) of the Ghana Police Service.

It became clear at the capacity-building training programme that that company was also affected by counterfeit trade as its products were being counterfeited and imported into Ghana for sale.

It is refreshing that Deputy Director General of the CID, ACP Dennis Abade, was quoted as saying at the training programme that the counterfeiting business was a global multi-billion crime which organised criminal groups used to amass wealth.