The genuine article: How to tackle product counterfeiting

Product counterfeiting is a serious problem for industry and consumers alike.As system provider, Netstal has tackled this problem and together with its partners, says it is able to offer its customers reliable and inexpensive solutions. At this year's K Trade Fair, Netstal will demonstrate these solutions with the help of the first ever 128-cavity pipette tip production line.

"According to an Ernst & Young study, approximately 80% of all companies globally are affected by the counterfeiting of merchandise," said Dr Patrick Blessing, head of Netstal's Medical Technology and Precision Parts business unit. Statistics published by the European Union show that around 36 million counterfeit products are being confiscated annually by the customs authorities of member countries.  At the same time, reports are on the rise about significant harm caused by the consumption or use of counterfeit brand-name products. The risk potential nowadays is great and continues to rise. However, counterfeit products do not just pose serious risks to people, animals and the environment. In the worst-case scenario, brands affected by counterfeiting can suffer from a loss of image that cannot be fixed in the short term. Therefore, companies are increasingly looking for ways to label their products as absolutely forgery-proof in order to optimally protect themselves and the consumers of their products from harm.