Customs unravel new smuggling methods

OnTuesday 18 October, 2016, the Comptroller of the Oyo/Osun Command of the Nigeria Customs Service(NCS), Mr. TemitopeOgunkua, made some startling revelations on the operations of some Nigerian importers who are bent on breaking the laws of the land in order to cut corners and maximise profit. OseheyeOkwuofu, who witnessed the event in Ibadan, reports.

Most of the people who gathered at the parade were not surprised to see the crude methods now being employed by some fraudulent Nigerians to conceal smuggled goods into the country from neighbouring countries. With the propensity at which smugglers fret banned products into Nigerian markets, many few people were shocked that such practices are now in vogue.

“We say these goods are banned, yet you go into the markets and you find them all over the place. So, it is obvious that some sharp practices are being employed to get them into the country,” one of those present at the parade said. Expectedly, many concerned citizens and other stakeholders gathered at the headquarters of the Oyo/Osun command of the Nigeria Customs to witness the showcasing of the seized goods.