NOW NA | Faeldon urged to file economic sabotage raps vs rice smugglers

MANILA, Philippines -- An agriculture industry group urged Customs Commissioner NicanorFaeldon to immediately file economic sabotage charges against a firm and all those who helped it, including government personnel, in an alleged attempt to smuggle 12 40-foot containers of rice into the country.

“This is another litmus test  on the resolve of Commissioner Faeldon to combat smuggling, there is already a law in place -- RA 10845, that decreed the smuggling of agricultural products as an act that constitute economic sabotage, a non-bailable offense,” said Rosendo So, chairman of the SamahangIndustriyasaAgrikultura, in a statement Wednesday.The smuggling attempt was allegedly carried out by RPR International Trading, its brokers and agents with help from “cohorts in government,” SINAG said.