Ministry probes theft of counterfeit goods

The Ministry of Science and Technology has ordered an investigation into chaotic scenes where staff and members of the public were recorded taking away fake fashion products which were earmarked for destruction.

Police and inspectors of the Ministry of Science and Technology destroyed fake products on October 21

At a meeting held by the ministry on Monday, Minister Chu Ngoc Anh asked the ministry's inspectors and agencies responsible for the destruction of the fake products to provide an explanation for what happened.

The agencies responsible for destroying the products will need to explain the process and shortcomings. They will also have to make a list of people who took the goods and ask them to return the products by midnight October 25, said the minister.

After having the report, the ministry will strictly punish those that violated the law.

On October 21, the ministry's inspectors and the Hanoi Police Department for Economic Management seized up to 2,349 fake fashion products.The products included 726 bags; 1,057 wallets; 39 belts; 6 watches, 19 bracelets, and 290 logos which imitated international famous brands like Dior, Hermes and Louis Vuitton.