Buyer Beware: Fake Extra Virgin Olive Oils Flooding the Market

With knowledge that consuming olive oil brings many health benefits, people are increasingly adding this delicious condiment to their diets. However, the unfortunate by-product is that the market is now flooded with fake and chemical-laden olive oils which do not provide the desired health benefits nor delicious flavor sought.

“The average supermarket offers numerous brands of olive oil all claiming to be extra-virgin and pure,” Rabbi Shmuel Veffer, owner of Galilee Green, an Israeli company which produces and distributes worldwide premium extra virgin olive oil, told Breaking Israel News. “Even olive oils from countries known for their high standards, like Italy and Greece, have been found to be selling fake oils.”

Extra-virgin olive oil, known as the healthful staple of the Mediterranean diet, provides healthy fats that help reduce many chronic diseases, including heart disease, diabetes and even obesity. This information has lead to a significant increase in olive oil consumption. In fact, in the United States alone, use of olive oil in the diet has tripled over the last 25 years.