Additional measures against smuggling

Russia took additional measures to stop the continuous flow of smuggling from Belarus. Belarus is unable to successfully take action against illegal trading, so the flow has not been stopped. Just recently, Polish pears were intercepted. To help start the import of Turkish goods, the Turkish government should come up with a proposal but, according to Russian authorities, no measures have yet been put forward.

Russian measures to stop smuggling


Russia feels compelled to take action against the illegal transit of boycotted products via Belarus. The country grew to be a large exporter of fruits and vegetables to Russia. Figures show more Belarusian product was exported than cultivated. Belarus is unable to stop the flow of smuggled goods. The Russian authorities have therefore erected additional checkpoints at the border crossings to check loads.

Since the authorities are allowed to destroy intercepted products, 8,004 tonnes of fruits and vegetables have already been destroyed. To stop smuggling, Russian inspectors travelled to all major export countries and visited the largest exporters.