Comptroller’s Field Enforcement Officers Seize Nearly $173K in Untaxed Tobacco Products

Comptroller Peter Franchot announced on November 17, 2016, that his Field Enforcement Division (FED) assisted in charges brought against four men from Baltimore and New York. Maryland State Police (MSP) and Maryland Transportation Authority Police (MDTAP) made three separate vehicle stops and FED officers conducted field inspections in the past two weeks, resulting in the confiscation of more than 26,000 packs of contraband cigarettes and more than 5,000 cigars for a total value of nearly $173,000.

“With their fine police work and partnering, the Maryland State Police, the Maryland Transportation Authority Police and my own Field Enforcement Division agents continue to combat illegal cigarette smuggling in our state,” Comptroller Franchot said. “I’d like to thank all of the officers involved for their hard work and efforts to stop this kind of criminal activity.”