WATCH OUT: Fake Products & Recalled Toys

GREENSBORO, NC -- Fake products aren't always dangerous, but they can be.

The BBB’s Lechelle Yates keeping an eye out for two dangers, counterfeit products and recalled toys.

"This really is something to take seriously. Yes, if you buy a fake designer purse, it’s probably not going to kill you but some counterfeit items will."

Like those hoverboards from last year. The Consumer Product Safety Commission says counterfeit batteries caused most of the fires. Counterfeit chargers and cords for our phones and other mobile devices can catch fire and even damage our phones.

"And then there can be a choking hazard for small kids, knock off toys aren’t passing the safety inspections the real toys do so they can have small parts that a child could swallow. There’s also the danger of high lead levels."