Industry alliance warns against fake steel in the Middle East

Middle Eastern infrastructure projects are at risk as the prevalence of counterfeit steel products grows in the region, an industry alliance warns.

The Steel Alliance Against Counterfeiting (SAAC) is leading a crack down on fake products, from steel fittings to steel pipes, which it says is becoming a growing concern and poses a major safety, legal, environmental and financial risk.

“The presence [of counterfeit steel] is real and represents a threat to the safety and integrity of this region’s current investments in major infrastructure projects. Not only are our businesses being defrauded but end-users are too and that exposes them,” said Andrey Burtsey, vice president of sales at Interpipe and an Alliance representative.

The concern follows the recent emergence of intermediaries that claim they have legitimate European products, licence registrations and/or manufacturing facilities but whose products have become difficult to trace, said the SAAC, which is an industry initiative composed of 17 global steel product manufacturers.