Police Recover 3,000 Litres Of Smuggled Fuel

Mutare, November 24, 2016 – POLICE in the eastern border city have recovered 2,926 litres of fuel worth over $3,468 that was smuggled from Mozambique in less than two weeks.

The fuel, which comprise of 2,320 litres of diesel and 606 litres of petrol was recovered between October 26 and November 8 this year by the Border Control Unit.

Smuggling of fuel has become rampant in Mutare as vehicle owners are opting for the cheaper product, which is selling at $0,66 petrol and $0,45 diesel per litre in the neighbouring country.

The fuel is then re-traded on the black market at a cost of $1,10 per litre while diesel goes for $0,80 against $1,33 and $1,15, respectively charged by registered filling stations.

The smugglers are taking advantage of the porous border to transport various goods on demand in Zimbabwe.