SICPA Set to Bring Anti-Counterfeit Solutions

LONDON – FINANCE – Clariant, one of the world’s biggest and most renowned chemical companies in the world, has joined forces with SICPA, the groundbreaking Swiss multinational security firm, to create a tracking and authentication system for medical devices and plastic pharmaceutical packaging. This major step in ensuring the legitimacy and authenticity of life-saving (or life-threatening, if misused) medicine and medical devices is a tremendous development for the safety of the billions who use these products daily.

Specifically, SICPA (SICPA on Facebook)  and Clariant’s innovative Plastiward system takes the form of an additive that can be added to the manufacturing of any plastic product by mixing them in with the polymer master-batches in the early stages of production. This additive essentially creates a unique tag on all plastic goods that contain it, which allows such products to be authenticated and traced through the simple use of a handheld scanner.