Clampdown On Illegal Smuggling Continues

ALMOST a tenth of drugs, tobacco products and alcohol seized in Ireland in 2015 were seized in Cork.

According to information released to the Evening Echo by the Revenue’s Custom & Excise Division, €59m worth of drugs, tobacco products and alcohol were made in Ireland from January to December 2015. €5.8 million worth of the products were seized in Cork.

The seizures included 233kg of tobacco (worth €100,000), 6.29 million cigarettes (worth €3.75 million), 1,509 litres of alcohol (worth €13,957) and 32kgs of illegal drugs (with a value of just under €2 million).

A spokeswoman for Revenue said: “These illegal activities divert money required by the State to fund public services, while undermining public health policies and funding organisedcrime.Revenue deploys a wide range of enforcement action. Our aim is to confront smuggling and fraud on the Exchequer, seize the illicit goods, disrupt the activities of the organised crime groups behind the smuggling, and to prosecute those responsible.”