3 admit smuggling more than 40,000 counterfeit Apple, Sony products into Florida

MIAMI, Fla. - Three people pleaded guilty Wednesday to smuggling 40,000 fake iPhones, iPads, iPods, Sony camcorders and accessories into Florida over the course of five years.

Married couple Andreina Becerra, 31, and Roberto Volpe, 34, and Rosario La Marca, 54, entered guilty pleas on charges of conspiracy to traffic in counterfeit goods, to smuggle goods into the United States and to structure financial transactions; and trafficking in counterfeit goods.

According to court documents, Becerra and Volpe received more than 360 shipments from a Chinese company that included the fake electronics complete with counterfeit labels and packaging. 

Becerra and Volpe would receive the products at their Miami home and ship many of them to La Marca, who was operating out of New Jersey, investigators said.

The retail value of the items, if they were legitimate, would have been upwards of $15 million, court documents said.