How Fake 2,000 Notes Are Smuggled Into India From Bangladesh Border

Malda in West Bengal was always the capital for counterfeit notes smuggled in from bordering Bangladesh. Demonetisation had brought the business to a standstill. But in a worrying development, the fake notes are back. In the last three weeks, around Rs. 4 lakh worth of fake 2,000 rupee notes were seized by the Border Security Force or BSF. What is worrying is the quality of the fakes as they seem to look very close to the new notes introduced just three months ago. NDTV travelled to Malda and found that the BSF has stepped up vigil to stop the smugglers.

On February 15, 100 notes were seized from the border at Churiyantpur. On 19th, 96 notes were seized again from a courier on the National Highway. In one case the courier was caught and handed over to the police. In the other, the courier escaped leaving the packet along the fence separating India and Bangladesh.