Feds: Scammers are making fake news sites to promote health products

Scammers are creating website that look like reputable news sites in an effort to promote health products.

According to a new alert from the Federal Trade Commission, the scammers use fake endorsements from public figures and lie about the effectiveness of their products, such as “brain booster” pills.

The FTC launched an investigation and found a number of shady companies using fake news sites to sell health products.

CALL 6 | Feds warn of "imposter scams"

"They build spoofed websites that look like the news sites that we know and trust,” said Andrew Johnson, FTC Consumer Education Specialist. “The sites aren’t real news sites and the endorsements featured on the sites, often from figures like Stephen Hawking, Anderson Cooper and others, are fake. Representatives from Hawking and Cooper have confirmed that neither has endorsed any "brain booster" products."