Massive crackdown on fake jewellery and watches in Qatar

Consumer Protection Department (CPD) has launched a massive crackdown on jewellery shops selling fake watches and ornaments of major brands. Since the beginning of the year, CPD under the Ministry of Economy and Commerce, has been conducting inspections at jewellery shops selling international brands like Chanel, Dior, Messika and Bulgari, among others, which were available at throwaway prices in the local markets, according to market sources.


The copy products were very similar to the original ones and hence they were in pretty good demand among both citizens and expatriates. Usually the customers are fully aware that the products are counterfeits but buy them since they are affordable and looks exactly like the original branded ones, The Peninsula has learnt.


The practice had affected the authorised dealers of branded products, which perhaps has led the concerned authority at the Ministry of Economy and Commerce, to launch the crackdown to curb the sale of fake products.