Fonterra introduces traceability technology to fake-proof its infant formula brand.

Fonterra is using traceability technology so shoppers can instantly check the authenticity of infant formula products while they are still on store shelfs.

Quick Read (QR) codes are initially on the cans of the dairy co-operative's infant formula brand Anmum at New Zealand stores and will eventually help prevent fraud and counterfeiting overseas.

Each can carries a unique QR code that when scanned using a mobile device, connects infant formula buyers to a webpage with information and a batch number verifying that it is authentic.

Chinese shoppers trust and are prepared to pay more for New Zealand infant formula after contamination scares and scandals, but fake infant formula cans were found last year with ties to counterfeit rings.

Consumers can also scan cans at any stage after they have bought it to get up to date status information about the product.

The technology showed consumers where and when the product was manufactured, its expiry date was and whether it was authentic, Fonterra trust in source general manager Tim Kirk said.