Vaporizer manufacturer, Grenco Science, awarded $47 million in damages from fake counterfeits.

Counterfeit products run rampant in almost all categories of commerce. Clothing, electronics, you name it and it’s guaranteed that someone is selling a fake version of it. Whether it’s straight-up counterfeiting or the unauthorized use of intellectual property and patents, people will go to great lengths to make a buck off of the unsuspecting or uneducated.

This also holds true for vaporizers, apparently, with Grenco Science, creator of the G Pen and other devices, being one of the latest victims of mass counterfeit products being sold under the guise of their brand. While counterfeit products are bad for any brand, when it comes to something like vaporizers, the cheap products used in the counterfeits can put a huge dent into the validity and public perception of the real company.

Many of these counterfeit vaporizers use cheap, poorly manufactured batteries. Not only will these batteries not last long and are prone to not working in the first place, but it opens up the possibility of danger to the user that comes with cheap batteries. It’s just bad news all around, to be honest.