Koreans caught smuggling 2,348kg of gold in 'private parts'.

Dozens of Korean citizens were caught smuggling 2,348 kilograms of gold hidden in their "private parts," the Korea Customs Service (KCS) said on Tuesday. It was the nation's biggest smuggling bust.

Fifty-one people, including several housewives, were apprehended at Incheon International Airport early last month. The smuggling had been happening for about two years. Male smugglers were hiding five or six gold bars (3cm x 3cm), each weighting 200 grams, in their rectums while the women hid the gold in their rectums or vaginas.

The value of the gold was about 113.5 billion won ($100 million) ΓΆ€• the highest value of gold confiscated in a single smuggling case. The smuggling happened from March 2015 and the gold came from Tokyo and China's Yantai.