4000 fake products seized in Abu Dhabi.

About 4,000 fake and unlicensed products including herbal cans, children toys, lenses and other items have been seized in Abu Dhabi.

The Abu Dhabi City Municipality said on Wednesday that they have confiscated 1400 eye lenses, 2044 children gelatin cans, 21 unlicensed herbal packets and 35 adulterated crèmes falling short of the required specifications.

The items were identified during an inspection campaign targeting tents selling outlets in Baniyas area to verify their compliance with public health standards and respect of the civilised appearance of the city.

The campaigns also aimed at combating the selling of fake products falling short of the applicable health standards, ensure that the product tag is affixed in place, and showing the country of origin, date of manufacturing and contents written in Arabic or English.