Canadians at risk as counterfeit goods sneak through customs

Canada is losing the war against fake goods, and it's already cost a few people their lives, according to the founder of the Canadian Anti-Counterfeiting Network.

Lorne Lipkus says customs officials simply don't have the powers or tools they need to stem the tide of low-quality, brand-name knock-offs slipping into the country each year, from the industry.

"It's pretty bad," Lipkus, who founded the Canadian Anti-Counterfeiting Network, told CTV's Your Morning on Thursday. He says the $600 billion global counterfeiting industry’s reach in Canada is growing, with "anything and everything" being copied for a quick profit. These items can be found in virtually every major city, where they're sold in every place from retail stores, to warehouses to flea markets.

"They're likely making more money than the real companies, because they're not paying for the quality necessary for the product," Lipkus said of the counterfeiters.