4 smuggling rackets busted at air cargo complex in 2 months.

MUMBAI: In the past two months, at least four different agencies have unearthed as many smuggling rackets in the air cargo complex at Sahar, raising questions about the existing monitoring system.

The latest was on Saturday when officials of the Directorate of Revenue Intelligence (DRI) intercepted a consignment declared as 'machine parts and crankshaft' and seized five kg of gold worth Rs 1.39 crore and Iridium worth Rs 30 lakh. Iridium is used by jewellers for mixing with gold to add weight. The metal, much cheaper than gold, is mixed while melting and is difficult to trace.

In another case last week, the Special Intelligence and Investigation Branch(SIIB) of the customs unearthed a racket involving smuggling of mobile phones and laptops by misdeclaring them as chemicals. Two other cases of smuggling, involving blank guns and mobile accessories, were unearthed by the directorate of vigilance and the Central Intelligence Unit.