Greece Ranks 2nd in Counterfeit and Contraband Consumption in EU.

Greece continues to have the 2nd highest rate of C&C (Counterfeit and Contraband, including Illicit Whites) consumption in the EU, at 19% of total consumption, KPMG said in a Project Sun key findings report prepared for the Royal United Services Institute for Defence and Security Studies.

The study said volume of C&C fell by 12% against a backdrop of sustained law enforcement activity, while ongoing economic and political uncertainty, including capital controls since June 2015, may have had an impact on the level of legal domestic cigarette consumption

Illicit Whites brand flows remained the main source of C&C, accounting for 44% of the total illicit volume.

Legal domestic sales continued their long-term decline, falling 6% against a backdrop of sustained political and economic uncertainty, with ongoing capital controls impacting consumer spending.