Doncaster man punished for dealing in illicit tobacco.

A Doncaster man has been punished for his part in an underworld operation dealing in illicit tobacco worth more than £44, 000 in duty taxes. Nottingham Crown Court heard how Andrew Mason was spotted by customs officers unloading 125kg of illegal hand-rolling tobacco from a van with another man on George Street in Doncaster in January 2016.

He was arrested and officers found £2, 500 cash in his pockets, which he admitted was for buying the illicit goods. The court heard earlier how Andrew Bond, aged 54, and his son Joe Karlson Bond, aged 22, of Ha’penny Bridge Way in Hull, were caught buying 50, 000 cigarettes and 50kg hand-rolling tobacco at a car park in Retford, Nottinghamshire, in October 2015.