More than 88,500 cases of smuggling in first half of the year.

HÀ Ná»I — In the first six months of 2017, authorities uncovered 88,560 cases of smuggling, prosecuting 1,100 cases involving 1,372 people.

Authorities collected VNÄ7.9 trillion (US$347.5 million) from administrative fines, selling off confiscated smuggled goods, and tax arrears, 40 per cent more than the previous year’s first half.

According to National Steering Committee 389, the majority of smuggled goods fall into categories of essential consumer goods, heavily taxed goods, or goods banned for import, such as cocaine, explosives, tobacco, cosmetics, petrol and gas, elephant tusks or rhino horns, among others.

Some notable cases include an interception of 7,800 foreign cigarette packs in the southern province of Long An, or confiscation of 26kg rhino horns and 6kg of elephant tusks in Hà Ná»i, and apprehension of 20 ships illegally transporting 3.5 million litres of gas.