Cigarettes, gold most smuggled items in Gujarat.

Ahmedabad: Estimates by officials of Directorate of Revenue Intelligence (DRI) - Ahmedabad Zonal Unit, indicate that cigarettes and gold are among the highest smuggled commodities in Gujarat. "While some 80 lakh sticks of cigarettes were smuggled in Gujarat from April to July, about 110kg gold was smuggled in the same period. The risk and investment involved in smuggling of cigarette is lesser than what it is for gold," said Arvind Kumar Chaurasia, deputy director, DRI - Ahmedabad Zonal Unit.

Smuggling of cigarettes yields higher profits than what is earned in gold, said Chaurasia. He was present at a seminar and panel discussion on 'Combating Counterfeiting and Smuggling - An Imperative to Accelerate Economic Development', organized in Ahmedabad on Friday.

Disparity in taxes and prices of the same commodities usually leads to increase in smuggling. Among other items being smuggled into Gujarat, include Red Sanders, diamond powder and pharmaceuticals.