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Seminar and Candle Light Congregation on ‘Combating Illicit Trade – An Imperative to Accelerate Economic Development’

  • 09/15/2016
  • Lucknow

Fight Smuggling & Buy Genuine in the Larger Interest of the Nation’; This was highlighted at the seminar organized by FICCI CASCADE on Combating Illicit Trade – An Imperative to Accelerate Economic Development, followed by a Candle Light Congregation with enthusiastic participation of students and consumers, in Lucknow on September 15, 2016.


India’s economic growth story has attracted the world’s attention, bringing new challenges for the domestic economy. One of the major issues for the economy and the industry is the uninhibited growth of illicit trade. The market for illegal goods is thriving in India and has become one of the biggest challenges faced by Indian industry. FICCI’s committee against smuggling and counterfeit activities destroying the economy [CASCADE]works cohesively with leading industries from all sectors, governments, enforcement agencies and the consumers at large to address this malignant threat.


Mr Ravidas Mehrotra, State Minister (Independent Charge), Family Welfare, Women and Child Welfare, Government of Uttar Pradesh,The Chief Guest at the seminar and candle light congregation,congratulated FICCI CASCADE for initiating theyouth and consumer movement against illicit trade such as smuggled and counterfeit goods. The Minister emphasized thatactivities involving illicit trade,like smuggling, curbed the economic independence and one must pledge to not use such illegal products.


Mr. L K Jhunjhunwala, Chairman, FICCI Uttar Pradesh State Council, In his welcome address,stated that widespread illicit trade such as smuggling and counterfeiting, wouldincrease the risk of investments in India, hindering India’s ambitious agenda – ‘Make in in India’ which emphasized on making the country a manufacturing hub, and on building and strengthening R&D. It is time that we, as a nation and as a part of the global economy, call for stern and resolute counterstrike force against such ill-intentioned activities.


Mr. Deep Chand, Advisor of FICCI CASCADE, while outlining the socio-economic impact of smuggling, stated that apart from the visible consequences of illicit trading activities vis-à-vis adverse impact on innovation, investment and brand reputation, the bigger concern was the manner in which illicit trade such as smuggling and counterfeiting were impacting the social fabric of nations. Most importantly, it is weakening our desired economic development -- an impact that seems too severe to tackle. He further added that while buying illegitimate good knowingly or unknowingly, consumers were being exposed to poorly made, unregulated sub-standard products that had detrimental impact on their health and safety, and the national economy at large.


Mr. R K Chaturvedi, Inspector General - Intelligence, UP Police Department, Government of Uttar Pradesh, In this address, emphasized on the fact that the job for law enforcement officials, such as police officers,wasfacilitated if consumers and general public joined the global fight against counterfeit goods, which was possible simply by avoiding purchaseof illicit products. The participation from the consumers at large in the fight against buying of illegal products is crucial to deter the growing circulation of such goods in the country.


Prof. Manoj Dixit, Head, Department of Public Administration, Lucknow University, lauded the initiative by FICCI CASCADE to bring the youth on board as they were an importantstakeholders for advocating socially responsible behavior, and the endeavor to influence the society as a whole.


Several steps are being taken by FICCI CASCADE and the government to create large-scale awareness among the most impacted segment of this menace: the consumer. The candle light congregation, being organised in Lucknow in association with Department of Consumer Affairs, under the ‘JagoGrahakJago Campaign’and Lucknow University, is one of a series of such events to be organised across the country as part of a nation-wide awareness campaign to highlight the issue and focus on the growing menace of Illicit Trade. More than 200students and consumerswith candles in their hand and banners stating ‘Buy Genuine Not Smuggled’ participated in this congregation.

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